Witch Doctors collect herbs from bushes that grow around the Epicenter and use them to make remedies. Witch Doctors heal injured Nuggets. Witch Doctor Huts can hold up to 4 Nuggets at a time. However, only one Witch Doctor can be assigned to the Witch Doctor's Hut.

Witch Doctors collect herbs around the Epicenter automatically. After returning to the hut with herbs, the Witch doctor will begin preparing Remedies. 1 Remedy requires 1 unit of herbs and heals Nuggets completely in use. (Witch Doctors can carry up to 5 herbs at a time. 1 bush holds 1 unit of herbs) When the Witch Doctor is cooking their Remedies, purple smoke will be emitted from the Witch Doctor’s Hut. It takes 60 seconds to cook 1 Remedy.It takes 5 seconds to heal 1 health point in a Nugget’s Health bar. Sick or injured Nuggets remain in the Witch Doctor's hut until they are fully healed.

We want to add Random Injuries as well. Every 5 to 25 minutes, the Nuggets can be injured during the tasks, such as: stone mining, tree chopping, and etc. When a Nugget gets injured, their HP will be set to 75 HP and they will slowly bleed (their health will deplete by 1HP every 3 Seconds DB).  The Nugget will also have a broken bone icon above their head. We also want to have critical news message related to this occurrence: Eg.: “Bob was chopping trees like crazy today until one happened to fall on his head.” 

Water: 2, Stone: 30, Wood: 25

Thank you,
Crytivo Games