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The Universim

The Universim is a next generation Planet Management God - Game in development by Crytivo Games and designed by Alex Koshelkov.

Stretch Goals

Planet Editor and Live News System $450,000.00
This Stretch Goal unlocks: The Universim Live News System and Planet Editor Toolset. Create amazing stories in the Live News System and design your own planets using a special in-game editor. Share them with the community!

Leave the farms and cities behind, jump straight into managing your own planets in The Universim, a brand new god-game in development by Crytivo Games and Alexander Koshelkov.


The Universim aims to revive the glory days of the god-game genre and bring it into the next generation with fresh ideas and ambitious gameplay. With the powers of a god, you are unleashed upon the universe to begin forging your galactic empire in the stars. From dust to the cosmos beyond, your civilization will rise through the ages under your guidance. Yet this is not the same static world you may be accustomed to, this is a dynamic, living world that is just as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Everything in The Universim revolves around dynamic gameplay, including the civilization AI. You may have unparalleled power, but you cannot control the AI directly as you would in a typical strategy game. The AI will make its own decisions and always seek to better the civilization in some way, but at times their decisions may end badly without your intervention.


You can attempt to influence their decisions and sway them back onto your chosen path, but the end result is entirely dependent on the AI. One such situation could be that the AI cities declare war on one another. It is then up to you to intervene and attempt to bring an end to the chaos, or simply watch as they destroy one another. The outcome is always uncertain. However, you do have complete control over their progression and evolution. Research plays a pivotal role in The Universim and is therefore an area that will require your utmost attention. Without certain discoveries or technology, your civilization may not even be able to progress beyond the Stone Age. For instance: fire is a crucial invention to ensure the warmth and safety of your early civilization, amongst other useful applications. New research options become available as your civilization progresses through the ages.


Due to the dynamism of the game, natural disasters, alien visitors, disease, war, famine, riots, and so much more can be thrown at your civilization at any time. All of these factors and how you play the game contribute to population growth and development. When something like the plague strikes, it is up to you to quickly strategize on how you will help your civilization overcome this disaster. The way in which you fight certain disasters varies from era to era. Cavemen do not exactly have P.H.D's in science and the knowledge to create cures, for instance. The world itself is not the only bringer of doom, you too can trigger disasters if you are displeased with your civilization’s decisions. With every action they perform that displeases you, by ignoring your influence, you generate wrath. This in turn allows you to unleash destruction upon them at any time.


Disasters will also have many simulated secondary effects. Something like a meteor crashing into the planet will not only leave a sizeable crater, but will also bring with it a number of additional problems. It could set trees on fire and spread dynamically, making it rather dangerous for any structures within range. However, YOU can prevent forest fires! By wielding your Creator Abilities, you can drag a storm cloud over the impact zone and cool the situation down before things get out of hand. Creator abilities are your way of interacting directly with the world and assisting with various issues that may arise. However, there could be a few unforeseen consequences for changing environmental conditions too often.

Buildings and society will evolve as you progress from era to era; certain special buildings will become available once you research a particular technology. Buildings will begin to spring up around what we call The Epicenter, the central heart of every city in the game. You can place an Epicenter in any feasible region on the planet that supports cities, and buildings will begin developing around it as your population grows. The buildings are handled by the AI and are thus constructed dynamically around the Epicenter, meaning you cannot select exactly where they are placed. However, you can still place special buildings wherever you want! Buildings and population will grow dynamically based on the conditions around your Epicenter. In certain environments, your population and buildings will grow faster, but in cold environments, deserts, and other rather inhospitable areas, food may be scarce and therefore will hinder development.


In a vibrant, living world driven by dynamic events, realistic natural processes, and forever changing environments, you need an in-game simulation engine that is capable of going above and beyond expectations. This is what the Prometheus In-Game Engine™ aims to be. Developed from the ground up in Unity3D, it will form the foundation upon which every element in the game is built.


Every planet you encounter in the game will be as unique and vibrant as the last thanks to Prometheus. Doesn’t random generation rock? You will come across planets with varying temperatures and environmental conditions as well as a wide range of characteristics that make them incredibly special. Planets will also undergo the changing of seasons which can affect the many environmental biomes on the planet. It can cause rapid changes in temperature and conditions. This can have a major effect on the gathering of food and resources as well as the development of buildings.


Seasons will change according to the in-game timeline. Summer offers the best food yield and growth period due to its favourable weather, while winter can bring many negative effects. Some winters may go by quickly, while others will drag on. There is even a chance for the most brutal winter of all to ravage your civilization for months! Fortunately our in-game News System will inform you about upcoming winters, giving you the chance to react and begin preparing for the long winters ahead by storing food in advance and doing the right research. Fire, clothing, storage of food, and adequate shelter are all excellent examples of proper preparation. Failure to do so may see your civilization starve or freeze to death over the course of the season.

The space era will be the culmination of all your hard work. All of the decisions you have made thus far will truly begin to bear fruit and reveal their consequences, if any exist. This is when you will begin to discover all of the beauty and mercilessness of alien planets.


Colonization is a major aspect of the Space Era, allowing you to spread your civilization across the stars. New research opportunities, technologies, resources, and more can be discovered by exploring and colonizing planets! However, colonizing a planet requires a little preparation beforehand. The Go button is not the miracle button, unfortunately. There may be a few issues that will need to be resolved first. If adequate research about the planet is not done, it may result in the untimely demise of your colonization team. It can be rather difficult to walk on molten lava while fending off giant space mosquitoes with nothing but a tube of sunblock! Particularly while wearing the previous mission's sub-zero equipment.


Every planet in the game can be colonized, it may just require a bit of terraforming first. Certain planets may even hold extremely valuable resources, but of course, there is always a catch. Such planets may also have a ticking timer attached to them, indicating that the planet is going to explode or the sun is about to go supernova. Are you brave enough to risk it all and attempt to harvest those resources before time runs out? There is always the option to leave it to die in peace. After all, you may have a cargo hold full of valuable resources and new discoveries already. It would be a shame to see all of that go to waste! Oh, and your poor colonization team too...imagine all the paperwork…

Naturally, the hardships may not always end at having to harvest all of the resources before the timer hits zero. The planet could still have unsuitable conditions for your team to get the job done. You will most likely need to place atmosphere generators to generate air and thermal controllers to regulate and alter temperatures on the planet. It is not going to be an easy process, but the rewards may just be worth it.


Most inhabitable planets will also likely have a few strange creatures roaming around. Some of them may be incredibly friendly and perhaps even become good friends with your crewmen. Others have sharp teeth and a general dislike for everything that moves. Better pack a few weapons as a precaution! You will encounter many unique and interesting creatures in your travels. The same thing applies to flora and vegetation.

A lot of extra detail is planned to go into numerous planets in The Universim. You can expect to find many easter-eggs and secrets scattered across the universe. There are even plans to include mod support somewhere down the line. After all, no modern game would be complete without inappropriately-shaped rocket ships!


By utilizing an intuitive GUI, you can keep track of the various planets in the universe and manage your intergalactic endeavours with ease. Every star in the sky is actually a different planet that you can discover and explore. This is another area where research and technology can make or break your experience. A particular technology that can lead to great success is the Discovery Rover. This vehicle can be sent to distant planets to acquire information about the conditions, colonization requirements, hidden dangers, and available resources. However, as with everything else, you will need to prepare your Rover adequately for the mission. Additional technologies like Environmental Armour, Thermal Shielding, weaponry, resource probes, and more will need to be acquired in order to get the most out of your rover and protect it from the dangers of alien planets. There is even the ability to add an all-purpose camera which allows you to take direct control and drive it on alien planets!


What will you do with the power to control the universe? With the fate of entire planets resting in your hands and the fragile lives of so many under your influence, there is no telling what you may accomplish. Through your every decision, you are writing the history of a species. This is your story now, so make it one to remember.

We have only scraped the surface of what we aim to accomplish with the information and features listed here. The beauty of this kind of game is the huge amount of freedom that we have to experiment and continue to add amazing new content before and after its launch. That is what makes all of the hard work worth it! With the community by our side, we can undoubtedly transform this game into the best planet management god-game ever made. We are always willing to listen to what you have to say. We take your feedback seriously and want to ensure that we are spending our time and resources on the features YOU want to see in the final game. Be sure to drop by the forums and join in on the conversation!



  • Jesse

    It’s like spore but no creature to eveole

  • Shaddowkill


  • Gorad

    oh yes finaly a god game that sounds realy great with lots of stuff to do and a big world hope it gets released so i can buy it and play the hell out of it the last game where i think was okay was Black & White but The Universim is way better hope they can deliver what i have read here on this site if yes that this is the Best God game where endles posibilities

  • tesa

    its dead?

  • Ian

    How do I play the beta? I bought the $40.00 pass.

  • http://ehost.allalla.com *World_Of_Erty* LTD


  • michalbs87

    OK. I bought that game half year ago but now I feel a little
    disappointed {they copied idea from other free game}. From description game looks like clone of “God’s Sanbox” which is kind off old game. I am not saying its bad, but I hope they give us much more content. God’s Sandbox was fine game but after a hour or two it was boring. I am expecting a lot more from a game for which I payed money.

  • Brandon Himmelreich

    Seems a little like spore and Planetary Annihilation had a baby.

  • rafael

    hello friends not get the key to the serial product pufavor where I can get thank rafaelbmwrzo@hotmail.com

  • Serebryakov Anton

    Where can I get alpha (end 2014)?
    p.s. Great game!

  • Ashley hawkes

    “Contact merchant for license” what merchant? I just want to enjoy the prototype and give you my money! Why won’t you let me?!

  • Ashley hawkes

    I down loaded the prototype, but It asked for a serial number, I was never provided with one. Why?

  • MrStyle

    I just signed up with my friend. Please let others know, we need this game to be multiplayer at the 800k mark.

  • Артём Моисеенко

    There is only concept. What about gameplay?

  • berkinbeler

    please finish the game I’m still waiting :)

  • David Lyska

    This is defenitly a real AAA game

  • RamdhanAdyaPramana

    Wow! Cool! Amazing!

  • Stelios Furakis

    Alex very beautiful game if I wont to play what I have to do ?

  • Stelios Furakis

    Guys were i can buy This game ??

    • http://www.breadboxgaming.weebly.com theone102

      Well, the game isn’t out right now so if you want to play the full version, you will have to wait. However, if you pledge $30 you get access to the Beta and $40 will give access to the Beta and Alpha. If you want to help them out even more (and get some cool bonuses) you can pledge $60 or more.

  • Codie Henry

    Take my money!! This looks like one hell of a project but amazing! 2 thumbs up from me :) cant wait for alpha!

  • Mufasa

    I plan on giving $100 for this, will i be able to get the beta for this?

  • lindsay

    i just pledged $30 how do i get the beta? need help ASAP cheers

    • kristian cze

      I have the same problem but with 40 dolar version I need help to

  • Imm100

    this game looks really awesome and i hope that it will be waaaaaaaaay better then spore

  • Mufasa

    What will it take to run this game?

    • Симеон Димитров

      a miracle

  • Aidan Eldred

    i got here from spore, hot damn i’m missing out on a lot.

  • Mufasa

    Have you guys started?

  • Clifford Kellogg

    I can’t wait for the official release of this game. It puts spore to shame (nothing against spore itself, just EA). Finally a god-game worthy of its genre imo.

    • Codie Henry

      Mmhmm agreed! Spore when in development looked really good until they dumbed it down for everyone. This looks amazing!

  • http://breadboxgaming.weebly.com theone102

    Does any one know when the alpha is coming out? Any major news??? I haven’t been able to find out anything, and I thought the Alpha was being released Oct – Nov… I hope this wasn’t canceled :<

  • Jordy

    Does anyone know when the T-shirts will arrive if you added one on Backerkit?

  • -Blue-


  • Max Poulin

    Anyone know any big updates? Pretty much ever since I fully backed it and payed out I haven’t had one update. There were TONS of little email updates while asking for backing, but not nothing.. help??

  • http://www.nope.com lawrence

    Is there some sort of road map to full release?

  • Patryk Srebny

    How to obtain that game?
    Is it available for free?

    • http://www.breadboxgaming.weebly.com theone102

      Well, the game isn’t out right now so if you want to play the full version, you will have to wait. However, if you pledge $30 you get access to the Beta and $40 will give access to the Beta and Alpha. If you want to help them out even more (and get some cool bonuses) you can pledge $60 or more. And no. The game will not be free.

  • Gabriel Garcia (Kai)

    Anybody here because Godus turned from great to crap? Cause I am, love this concept a million times more!

    • http://www.video-game-chat.com/forum/ Video Game Chat

      No, Godus didn’t turn to crap, it’s still pretty good. I’m still interested in similar games to it though.

      • theone102

        Compared to what Godus originally advertised, it really sucks now. It became a game with nothing but Micro-transactions and seems meant to be a PC Optimized Mobile phone game.

  • Arek


    • Samuel Pi Blantz

      When you can type with your brain and not your cleavage. :D

  • mati200299

    I hope that graphics settings will be from very very low ( even pixelate ) to very very high ( how great you can )

  • Dustin Baker


  • 李梦祥


  • Foiuk

    proud to support u guys

  • austin

    OHH MY GOD YES finally some one is make a better cool NEWER spore well i wouldnt say spore but it has the same aspects kinda also if my spelling is bad im from italy and i very recently leard english any cya and hope this is as good as im hopeing

  • Tim

    Are updates coming along or something I see little to no activity :c

    • Maggie

      follow them on facebook, that is where I noticed a little more movement.

  • Michael T. Ruppert

    What console will this game be on?

    • Brandon Brown

      PC only

      • Dustin Baker


  • Alessia Giudici

    It’s fantastic,but i can’t beta :’(

  • Remi Boullerne

    I wish you the best of luck, your game looks damn promising. Need!

  • grazzdude

    wow just wow i need this

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  • Nicb1

    Whenever I try logging into the forums the browser throws me a redirect loop error. Can someone please help me work out what is happening and how to fix it. I have also tried multiple browsers and get a similar error on all of them (using chrome atm)

    Sorry if this isnt the right place for this post, but I wasnt sure how to get into contact with someone that can help me.

  • F Kira

    Is Amazing!!!

  • Walter

    It not ganna come in another two years I can’t wait!

  • Xeneon

    2 thumbs up fot the great work!

  • Xeneon

    2 thumbs up for this great project!

  • DrMcNasty

    Ya I’m telling everyone I know about this game/website trying to at the vary least get the hype up for when it does release

    • Dustin Baker

      me too

  • cg49me

    Woo! Another $1000 funded!

    • Dustin Baker

      I’m looking forward to seeing how far past the goal w e can get

  • Alexander Koshelkov

    Don’t forget to share our websites with your friends guys!

    • http://ehost.allalla.com *World_Of_Erty* LTD


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  • Asfhy

    Will the page reflect here what peopole have pledged through kickstarter or Paypal? It could be a good idea to show the people that you have “synchronized” the data between the previous “programs” and you hava tracked who pledged and how much have pledged.

    • cg49me

      The total on this page is from everything – Kickstarter, Paypal, and current pledges.

      • Asfhy

        Yes, I’m refering to the fact that here it doen’t tell me wich tier I applied to or even if I backed the game or not. I know that the total money includes every previous payment, but thanks :D

  • interestedobserver2

    Pretty awesome that we might still be able to reach the other stretch goals this way! Thanks Crytivo for continuing the effort! I only hope the response is as great here as it was on Kickstarter!