Hello dear friends,

Alex K. is here. As you know, we’ve been super busy updating our Prometheus In-Game Engine™ that handles the simulation aspects on all of the planets and the planet generations itself. We are currently cleaning up all of the outdated assets that have piled up over time, which are responsible for slowing down both development and your poor computers during gameplay. This is a very complex process that directly affects every aspect of the game. All of the systems we currently have need to be retouched to ensure they work as intended, or improved/reworked if not. The whole process is an excellent step forward, but it has its downsides. The worst of which is the fact that we can’t release the latest version of the game in this state, meaning we can’t let you test out some of the new features and changes yet. The various systems have been separated from each other and are being tested in isolation to ensure they are up to scratch. It’s like building a car in a few different shops. You can’t test drive it until all the pieces are joined together.

But, we’re getting very close, especially with the biggest new features such as the AI and planet generation improvements. These are so close to being finished, so much so that we’re currently linking them to the main build for testing. Remember, everything is connected on the planet, so the linking process can be quite intricate and finicky.

Some of you have been asking us when this update is going to be released. We would love to give you a proper date, but we also don’t want to give you any false promises. We initially planned to get everything done within a shorter period of time, but unfortunately we underestimated the amount of work this process requires. We’re getting close to the finish line, but unforeseen circumstances or events often play havoc with deadlines, as some of you may know. Our team works day and night on this (don’t worry, they do sleep, we’re just lucky to have people working all over the world). Some of us even changed our plans for the Winter Holidays. We decided to stay and spend a little extra time with our beloved computers over the holiday season. Don’t forget to give our busy worker elves some love down in the comments. Here’s a rough breakdown of the progress made on a few systems discussed previously:

  • Planet Generation Optimization - 90% (We bumped up the planet size and object count on the planet, reworked the planet shader: water and ice VFX will look better now)
  • Building Migration and Optimization - Done (Every single building in the game was improved, retextured, and future-proofed for the addition of road networks)
    • Stone Gathering AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Wood Gathering AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Herbs Gathering AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Bush Food Gathering AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Cook Job AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Doctor Job AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Engineer Job AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Fisherman Job AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Forecaster Job AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Injury AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Hunger | Thirst AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Building Construction AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Engineer Building Repair A - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Transportation AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Nugget Children AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing)
    • Nugget Reproduction AI - Done (Needs Balancing & Testing. Completely redesigned.)
    • Farmer Job AI - 50% (Farm is getting completely redesigned. Less micromanagement.) 
    • Cemetery Worker AI - 0% (To-do)
    • Courier AI - 0% (To-do)
    • Nugget Resting AI - 0% (To-do)
    • Clear Construction Zone AI - 0% (To-do)
    • Epicenter AI - 0% (To-do)
    • Pathfinding Improvements - Done
  • UI Reimplementation - 60%
  • Audio - 70%
  • Controls - 99%
  • Settings - 99%
  • Performance Optimization - 90%
  • Lighting - 70%
  • Nugget Redesign & Optimization - Done
  • Visual FX - 80%
  • Animations - 70%

Our goal right now is to get our new version into the same state as we were in V12, but with all the redesigned systems included. Once this is complete, we will need to readjust the game’s balance based on the new AI behavior. You should expect a few buggy releases after this process, so we’ll definitely be needing your feedback in the coming months as new systems roll in. Please don’t expect to receive an entirely new game upon the patch’s release. It might feel a bit shaky at first, but that is something we have anticipated and we want to work alongside you to patch things up as quickly as possible. Instead of giving you a concrete date, we’re going to keep updating you with the progress regularly. Feel free to ask us questions or offer some suggestions as usual. We remain 100% independent and motivated because of you, and together we’re building something truly special. The Universim deserves to be designed with love and care and so far we feel incredibly confident with what we have accomplished together. We wish you all a happy holidays! Remember, we’re not leaving you, though. We’re going be here getting fat in front of our workstations eating all the holiday food in the coming weeks!

Thank you all,
Alex Koshelkov & the Crytivo Games Team