Nothing happens for a reason, and the goings-on in the world of The Universim are no exception. Our goal as developers is to simulate life on the planet and make it feel natural and organic. Life without reproduction in a system like this simply cannot exist. However, reproduction in The Universim has always been challenging to balance. We’ve been discussing how to give you more control over reproduction and make the overall system a little more fluid. Currently, Nugget reproduction rates can be very abstract and challenging to manage. In today’s update, we want to tell you more about the improvements we plan to make to this system.

Every female Nugget has a Fertility Timer that starts ticking when she reaches adulthood. When this timer 
hit 100%, she will start looking for the love of her life. Or, as they call it in the Stone Age, the nearest male. She will then approach the chosen Nugget and begin a family. The young couple will begin building their first house, which will not only protect them from natural disasters and wild animals, but also provide them with the privacy required for subsequent baby production procedures.

After the family is formed and the house is built, Nuggets will be able to enjoy themselves without worrying about prying eyes. However, it’s a little too optimistic for them to think that no one else knows what they’re doing. This is where your Cupidon skills come in. In the future, you will be able to see which huts are currently being used for this particular act. Each baby Nugget will also need your touch to be conceived. You’ll see heart icons appearing above the Nuggets’ huts, which you can click on to bestow a troublesome, little creature upon unsuspecting parents. The hearts are only available for a small while, though, so click on them quickly before the Nuggets return to their usual duties.

This system is very similar to what you have already experienced so far, but instead of Nuggets coming out of the huts pregnant every time, you now play a major role in the reproduction rate of your civilization. This allows you to better control the population, which comes in handy when food or water supplies get low. It’s like in real life where a couple might struggle for quite a while before finally having their first child in an almost miraculous fashion.

After a child has been conceived, the female Nugget will become pregnant and show the usual signs. While the mother is slowly cooking up her new baby (um, phrasing), her productivity will be slightly decreased and she will move 15% slower. After the child is born, they will enjoy their childhood for a little while before adulthood creeps up on them and they’re forced to join the workforce for the remainder of their days. Well, you’re in charge of their Happiness, so maybe things won’t be too bad. Or will it?!

Thank you all for your amazing feedback you provide us with after every update. It helps us a lot, as it allows us to make any necessary changes at the right time. You guys really have the best ideas!

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Crytivo Games Team