This is the first post-Alpha patch for the game since the launch last month. We hope you’ve all been enjoying what’s on offer so far. A lot of time and love went into this patch, particularly when it comes to some much-needed project clean up. There’s a lot of internal restructuring going on. The project accumulated a lot of outdated assets that needed to be revisited- and oh boy, nobody is enjoying this process. We also lit the gasoline on localization, which means we're getting everything ready for translating The Universim into many different languages. This has been a highly-requested addition for quite some time, so we’re happy to announce that work is finally underway.

More than half of our team has been slaving away on a number of important features these past few months. This includes things like the AI update (which you can read all about in previous updates) and the road system, which will allow us to generate cities and villages in future updates. We’ll be talking a whole lot more about this in the coming weeks.

You’d better strap on your floaties for the remainder of this update, because we’ve got a lot of water updates to cover. Water sources on the planet are now dynamic, which means that they can be depleted by your civilization, Creator Powers, or weather conditions. Our devs were presented with quite the challenge when implementing this system, but we believe it’s going to pay off. This water system will eventually make its way onto alien planets as well. Water is no longer a fancy cosmetic item, it’s a vital planetary resource that will affect the global temperature, animal population, and, of course, your Nugget civilization. To test out the new system, we’re even adding fishing to the game. Welcome to water world!

Don’t forget to check out the detailed patch notes below:


  • Fixed issues where mating would sometimes fail.
  • Nuggets will no longer get stuck drinking from a well. 
  • Draggable UI pivot fix
  • Bushes should now be able to be selected correctly
  • NuggetList Panel button is now a toggle for opening/closing.
  • Fixed issue where Nuggets were not full after eating food.
  • Fixed an issue where the nuggets portrait was not always showing in a panel 
  • Fixed the clouds drawing over top of the water
  • Fixed the missing snow texture for the terrain
  • Improved the clock, so it's much more accurate and less likely to go backwards (WIP)
  • Fixed icon was shown for nuggets behind camera.
  • Water demand now will properly displayed at the main UI even when no pumps exist.
  • Fixed icons for critical thirst/hunger status, showing water/food bars.
  • Fixed issue where grave digger was being stuck in idle after burying first nugget.


  • Introducing the groundwater.  Now during Well placement player will see Water Refill rate above the Well. This Level indicates how fast the Well will be refilled with water. The further the well is placed from the water source the less water power there will be.  Some biomes have higher Water Refill Rates, such as Stone and Mountain Biomes, where as a Desert Biome will have close to zero Water Refill Rate.  Default Water Refill Rate is set to 15 when close to the water source, however when placing further away from the source the rate will drop. 
  • Wells now have limited level of water and is divided by 8 Nugga Buckets. When a Nugget is thirsty he is going to use 1 full Nugga Bucket.  The Nugga Buckets refill speed is based on the Water Refill Rate. 

  • Double tooltip system introduction. This is implemented for Worker ID card for now. When you hover over statistics bars you can see their name, such as: Age, Hunger, Thirst, etc. Double tooltip system lets us extend that and show detailed descriptions what each of those bars intervals is doing. When you hover over those bars to see tooltip and hold left or right control/command key the tooltip will change to extended version with detailed description. Double tooltip key will be set to control/command as default but you’ll be able to change that in controls settings screen.
  • Eatery now also has limited amount of water. Water Refill Rate dramatically lower at eateries. In the future Water from Eatery will reduce Nuggets Thirst depletion rates close to 2x times.

  • Adjusted drink bt/ai for well use case.
  • Adjusted drink bt/ai for eatery use case.
  • No More artificial Lakes. Now Players can put Pumps on Generated lakes and oceans on the planet.
  • Water in Oceans now has a level, which can be depleted to zero.
  • We think that fresh water lakes didn’t feel like they were part of environments and we decided completely remove them and allow players place water pumps and other water buildings directly on the water pools that was procedurally generated at the beginning of the game. This was a challenging task mainly because oceans are different shapes. This task was in production for several months now and we’re finally happy to release it with this patch. Now we map Lake Edges procedurally. The system knows how deep and how wide the Lake is. Water Level/Points in the lake assigned at the time the lake was created based on the lake size. Lake Snap points placed around the lake procedurally for the buildings that will be constructed on the lakes in the future. Lake snap points now check depth and slope to avoid placement in super shallow areas or overly steep points. Fishing hut also requires that the lake have a minimum amount of fish, so you can't place around tiny ponds. 

  • Each Lake now has Fish Level. The bigger is the lake the more fish Nuggets will be able to extract from it. Fish depletes with water level and fishing. Fish has reproduction rate.
  • Now we disable buildings when Pump not generating enough water. Nuggets in the building will exit building and stay in idle state until building will start receiving enough water to function properly.
  • Introducing Fishing. It comes with Fishing Hut and new Nugget job Fisherman. After Nugget assignment to the fishing Hut he will swim away on his boat and start fishing. Fisherman can catch max 15 fish at a time. Caught fish will be then delivered back to Fishing Hut where fisherman will gut Fish after which fish becomes raw food and Nuggets can use it for cooking. Fisherman can gut 5 fish at a time, it takes 10 second to gut those. (WIP: fisherman still go fishing when lakes are frozen, this will be addressed in the next patch. Fisherman will not go fishing during the winter.)

  • Now showing icons when starving/thirst is critical.
  • Implemented food and water quality factors for Eatery
  • Added icons for: nugget going to fishing hut, fishing hut full of food, going to harvest food.
  • Implemented growing up progress in a Teen Nugget UI Panel.


  • New water well panel. Now only certain amount of nuggets can drink. Then you need to wait for well to refill.
  • Added water storage to eatery panel. Nuggets need to transport water to eatery first.
  • Planet Object Tooltips are now more visually pleasing ;)
  • Updated status icons. All critical (and only critical)  have red color now.
  • Double tooltips are now available in worker ID panel.
  • Tutorial update. Modified tutorial about water usage on the planet. Added information about wells, and pumps as well.
  • Statistics screen. Updated screen fonts, added sound script and sound clips to buttons.
  • Well panel double tooltip system implemented.
  • Fishing Hut user interface.
  • Updated all status icons.
  • Worker ID card teen timer implementation.


  • Tweaked Rocks HP Lovered it by %10. With new AI needs huts all the time demand on the rocks are high now.
  • Changed how much food Nugget needs when he is hungry to static value. Now Nugget eats 5 points of food anytime he is hungry.
  • Coocks now can carry more food at once old 5 new 20
  • Raw food needed to cook 1 dish changed from 5 to 3
  • Nuggets Hunger depletion rate decreased 2.5x times after eating at eatery
  • Nuggets Thirst depletion rate decreased 2.5x times after drinking at eatery
  • Decreased when Nugget go drink from 50% to 30%
  • Decreased when Nugget go eat from 50% to 30%
  • Farm Crop Rebalance as follow:
    Bloodydiarrhea Fruit: Food 20, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: -10c Max Temp: 50c)
    Crystalline Crabapple: Food 60, Time to grow: 5 Month (Min Temp: -0c Max Temp: 50c) Dragon Egg Fruit: Food 15, Time to grow: 1 Month (Min Temp: -15c Max Temp: 5c) Juicy Acorn: Food 25, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: 0c Max Temp: 50c) Healthy Malina: Food 25, Time to grow: 2 Month (Min Temp: 5c Max Temp: 45c) Panda Brain Plum: Food 45, Time to grow: 5 Month (Min Temp: -20c Max Temp: 60c) ManbroFruit Food 15, Time to grow: 1 Month (Min Temp: 5c Max Temp: 45c) Planet Wild Bush regrow time changed to 3.3 Month. Food 10, Herbs 10. Temperature that kills Fruits on bush min -5c max 50c


  • Planet Size increased 15%, more objects on the planet might introduce minor performance hit. We will continue increasing size of the planet as we work more on performance optimization. 
  • Corrected planet's climate initialization


  • Keep 'teen' nuggets small until they reach adulthood, then growth-spurt them to full size. :D
  • Updated Engineer's hut decal.
  • Added eatery decal. Added reservoir decal.
  • Snow added on multiple buildings and overall building material adjustments. 
  • Tweaked Lighting, now planets have dark nights, sunsets and sunrise.
  • Made planets little bit more bumpy/curvy.
  • Water shader improvements, now water has foam at edges and waves.
  • Temperature readout gets the temp at the cursor rather than where the camera is looking.

Thank you all, leave us your Comments!

Crytivo Games Team.