Hello everyone,

We're releasing a small patch/hot fix later today! The main focus of this hot fix is to resolve an issue where Nuggets were not able harvest food around the Epicenter. Changes to remedy this, along with a few other changes to Balance and some added content will be included in this fix! See the full details below:

Bug Fixes

  • Foragers, miners and lumberjacks will IDLE if there are no resources to gather nearby. A critical news message will warn the player that the resource of type X is depleted.If the player opts to reassign a nugget to gathering, the system will still post the alter message and return the Nugget to Idle when there are no resources to gather. 
  • Farm changes: Harvested food will appear as a food pile in front of the farm building, and nuggets will be able to eat from it.
  • Texture settings from settings menu have been removed.
  • Couriers have changed: When a courier is assigned to bring a resource pile back to a stash, he will also check for nearby piles and gather them too, until he is full or no nearby piles are left. 
  • Fixed Couriers Hut icon in the construction menu.

New Content

  • Easter eggs
  • Couriers now can collect multiple resources in the area, at once.
  • New Critical Message: “No food to harvest around the epicenter”.


  • Decreased food depletion rate.
  • Increased Courier Nugget speed.
  • Increased Couriers bag capacity to 30.
  • Increased clickable area on the Nuggets.

Known Issues 

  • There is an issue with builders waiting in queue for the couriers to deliver resources. During waiting and in case they get hungry, their AI will stuck in that state. 
  • There is an issue with couriers trying to pick up a ground resource pile that is left in the middle of a construction site. The courier will stay in that state, trying to reach the pile.
  • Performance spikes during the growing plot process at the Farm.