Greetings, Creators!

What a crazy life we lead! Just this past week (more or less), our team attended Gamesom in Cologne, Germany for the very first time. It was an incredible show, packed to the rafters with thousands of attendees - and better yet, plenty of our fans. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we were so pleased to see everyone grinning madly in front of their monitors. We can only imagine what terrible things some of them were doing to those poor Nuggets. Nevertheless, it was quite a sight to see so many gamers standing in line to give The Universim a try. So many, in fact, that we were forced to reduced the demo time from 45 to 25 minutes just to allow more people to play. This was a little sad, as 25 minutes is definitely not enough time to fully grasp what The Universim has to offer.

Twelve of our fantastic team members garrisoned the booth, signing t-shirts and posters for all of you who stopped by to give us hugs and high fives. Thank you again for stopping by! It was an absolute pleasure meeting you all. Overall, Gamescom was a smashing success. We were able to collect a lot of feedback by directly engaging with attendees and observing their respective playstyles. We brought some great notes home that will help us iron out some of the flaws in the design. We’re all about making the best experience possible, and we plan to stick to that philosophy. With your continued support, more and more exciting new features will be implemented that are sure to tickle your fancy.

Want to see more from Gamescom? Check out some photos from the event below:

This month’s patch is going to be a little smaller than usual, mostly because a significant portion of our team was out conquering Gamescom. However, we were still able to implement a few new features, do the usual bit of bug squashing, and increase performance yet again.

We’re introducing a whole new system in this patch: 


This system will allow us to breathe a little more life into the Nuggets.They will finally have their own unique character traits. Some Nuggets might be a little slower and lazier, and others might be motivated and hardworking. We decided to take this system one step further and implement the idea of lineage and inheritance. Now, the parents’ traits can be passed on to their children with a certain chance to inherit characteristics from either parent.

For example, if both parents have the laziness trait, there’s a pretty good chance that their children will develop this trait as well. The good news is, you can perform a little “natural selection”, by sending Nuggets with negative traits to explore the cosmos without a spacesuit. Although, you can also use schools to alter Nugget traits. This is just the initial implementation of the system, so we definitely want to hear your thoughts on it.



Gourmand - This Nugget loves to eat, as heavier eaters they consume more food.

Hermit - This Nuggets doesn’t like others. They form families less often.

Lazy - This Nugget is lazy. Their stamina decreases faster and they rest longer.

Weak - This Nugget is very weak, their might and speed are decreased by 15%.

Devil - This Nugget will sometimes set someone's hut on fire or torment other Nuggets.


Nibbler - This Nuggets doesn’t eat much. They get hungry slower.

Grind - This Nugget loves to work. Their stamina decreases slower.

Antsy - This Nugget’s movement speed is faster than others.

Immune - This Nugget will never get injured or sick.


You will also probably notice that we have started to implement animal wildlife again. They’ve gone through their much-needed round of rehabilitation. Some of the truly magnificent ones made it into this patch. Whales, fish, jellyfish (that glow at night), and turtles have been added to the game. Soon, Nuggets will be able to hunt them down or maybe even try and domesticate a few of them. Who wouldn’t want a whale as a pet? Would they get along with the mammoths?


We’re adding naked Nuggets. Alright, stop giggling, it’s perfectly natural. When Nuggets initially begin discovering all of the wonders of the world around them, they will do so in their bathing suits. It’s enormously comfortably and rather freeing, but winters do pose a threat to bare bottoms and overall health. Please don’t be too curious - Nuggets need some privacy, too. If you look too closely, you’ll likely come across armpit hair, and that’s some nasty stuff in a world that is yet to discover soap.


We are also rolling out the Creator Mode. This is somewhat experimental and unbalanced. This mode will have all of the buildings unlocked from the beginning, and you’ll have infinite control of Creator Powers and abilities. Our intention is to make it a fun sandbox experience where you’ll be able to test new things without having to spend too much time trying to get to them via traditional methods.

  • All Buildings are unlocked.
  • All perks are available for draw regardless of their tier.
  • All perks have a reduced time to research.
  • Building upgrades are available from start (buildings are built on level 0, and after a building is upgraded, new buildings of that type will be of the new level).


  • Farm building visible decal fix. Updated water cylinder as well.
  • Walk-ins: Fixed an issue where Witch Doctors were healing patients while they walk out of the hospital.
  • Excess: Fixed an issue where resources were lost when Nuggets were bringing too many for construction sites. Now extra resources will be dropped near the construction site.
  • Plumbing: Fix for Pump power output not working as expected after researching certain Perks.
  • Free fire: Fix for Pyre upgrade being available without perk being researched.
  • The day the planet stood still: Fix for day/night color not updating while moving through the planet while the game is paused.
  • Eyes and ears: Fix for Settings volume slider values and labels not matching on start.
  • Bad watch: Fix for incorrect game timescale and UI status after saving the game.
  • Fresh batteries: Fix for the disabled god's light.
  • False alarm: Prevents players turning on alarm if Forecast Tower is not yet built
  • Performance anxiety: Fixed an issue where Nuggets got stuck mating inside a hut
  • Late for a date: Fixed an issue where Nuggets get stuck while waiting for their partner to mate in a hut
  • Demolition: Fixed nre when huts collapse
  • Striking: Fixed an issue where Adahy and Elu did not build a hut
  • Literally inside me: Fixed an issue where Nuggets overlap on bunker exit
  • Space ghosts: Fixed Nugget ghost appearing when Nugget disappears in space
  • I’m on a boat: Fixed an issue where Nuggets got stuck inside a boat


  • Refineries have received a large buff. They will now produce refined resources at a rate that can keep up with research tiers
  • .
  • Nuggets
  • will now reproduce at a rate that is dependant on the size and health of the population. Exponential growth should no longer be a problem when populations reach a larger size.
  • Added the C
  • lothing perk to the blue research tiers.
  • Improved building order priority. Also prioritized buildings will be addressed faster than  before.
  • Reproduction mechanics were adjusted to avoid exponential population growth.
  • We now limit the amount of Nuggets that gather the same resource simultaneously.
  • On upgrade, Storage buildings will keep the resources they had before.


  • Local Business Cowsmetics building replaced with new optimized mesh. Fixed wrong vertex paint as well.
  • Whale animated models were added with emission map (few variations of glowing at night)
  • Turtle models with animation and emission map were added
  • New variations of Nuggets will appear (without clothing)
  • Jellyfish and Fish added to sea life
  • Snow during winter contains more volume
  • Falling leaves during autumn (fall) have been added


  • A lot of small localization bug fixes
  • Fixed missing sprite from construction menu for Pre-Medieval Pyre
  • Nugget Traits added to Nugget ID panel, along with tooltip with title and description. Added separate background for them.
  • Added new Nugget thoughts for: Nuggets hiding from tornado/storm, Nuggets going to rest, Nuggets resting, and Gravedigger going for corpses.
  • Removed Fertility timer from female Nugget ID panel.
  • Construction Information panel and Upgrades panel resource slots have new tooltips with proper names.


  • Refactored internal Nugget generation systems to use pooling. Nuggets are formed from different parts: bodies, hair, beards, in male and female variations. Now each part is pooled, which improves the process of constantly creating new little beings.
  • Disabled Nugget mesh combiner. After some performance tests, the combiner does not seem to have been reporting enough gains to justify the overhead.
  • Optimized sound manager


  • Removed “Shader Quality” from Settings. Not needed anymore.
  • Removed default override for AMD rigs which set Shader Quality on “low” to avoid disco ball issue on some ATI gpu cards.
  • Research drawing now fills spots with yellow perks when there are no reserved slots by blue perks.
  • Added news message and status icon over the Evolution Tower when research is inactive for a certain period of time.
  • Added missing stone hut collapse models
  • Tweaked ran dom hut spawning
  • Allowed Nuggets to take food from bunker
  • Nuggets come closer while dating
  • Removed props around buildings when new building is placed
  • Analytics online version checker

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Thank you all,
Crytivo Crew!