Nuggets are unique and sensitive creatures. Our team spends a crazy amount of time making them feel as alive as possible when you play with them. They feel hunger, thirst, and fatigue. They can also love and hate. And, they have thoughts that change based on their current task and situations around them. However, we would like to make them even more special.  We’re happy to introduce Nugget Traits.

Nugget Traits are unique characteristics that will make certain Nuggets increase or decrease in productivity, make them a heavier eater, or even make them completely lazy. Character Traits are assigned randomly to new Nuggets upon being born. Nugget infants have a high chance of inheriting the traits possessed by their parents. Each parent introduces a 25% chance for their child to inherit their traits. If both parents share the same Character Trait, then that chance grows to 50%

With Creator Powers, you can change a Nugget’s Traits, or simply filter bad Traits out by introducing Nuggets to “natural selection”. It’s unfortunate that heavy rocks have the tendency to fall on lazy Nuggets. It’s a known phenomenon that your civilization can’t quite yet explain. Negative Character Traits can also be changed in Schools.



GourmandThis Nugget loves to eat, as heavier eaters they consume 25% more food.

Hermit - This Nuggets doesn’t like others. They form families 25% less often.

Lazy - This Nugget is lazy. Their stamina decreases 25% faster and they rest 25% longer.

Weak - This Nugget is very weak, their might and speed are decreased by 15%.

Devil - This Nugget will sometimes set someone's hut on fire or torment other Nuggets.


Nibbler - This Nuggets doesn’t eat much. They get hungry 25% slower.

Grind - This Nugget loves to work. Their stamina decreases 25% slower.

Antsy - This Nugget’s movement speed is 25% faster than others.

Immune - This Nugget will never get injured or sick.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this new feature. Share your ideas about what type of Traits we can add to the game that will make Nuggets even more unique and interesting to play with. As always, we appreciate your love and support!

Best Wishes,
The Crytivo Games Team