Micro to Macro: Nugget Automation

As we approach the Industrial Age, Nuggets will begin to discover new technologies that will help them make their lives easier. In our next update, we will introduce several mechanics that will automate some of the Nuggets’ tasks. The Stone Age was never a time for efficiency, and we know our Nuggets weren’t either. Nuggets often left their jobs to grab a snack or mate, which isn’t the most efficient system.

That is why we are introducing Labor Management. This building will become available in the Mid Era. As Nuggets move towards building Mega Factories, they will soon begin to run into their fair share of issues if they continue acting like a bunch of troglodytes. With Labor Management, Nuggets will start to organize Work Shifts, meaning that they will not leave work until their shift is over. After their shift, Nuggets can perform whatever personal business they desire. They’ll have plenty of time to satisfy their needs while the Second Shift is at work. Labor Management will guarantee consistent production in individual buildings and minimize downtime, meaning your guard towers will never be undefended.

Labor Management fixes a few problems, but does it keep the sun up? Nope. Night shifts won’t be able to do much without light, so a certain little thing called Electricity is going to have to keep the lights on in your cities. With the introduction of this magical power, many more tasks will become automated as you develop your civilization. You won’t need to build as many Water Pumps, for example, as their output will increase significantly when they become mechanized.

Electricity can be generated in various ways. This is the first time in the game you will need to make a proper choice for your civilization. You can either choose electricity generated by natural sources, like Wind Turbines or a special crank system for some unfortunate Nuggets to rotate, or Gas Power Plants, which use non-renewable resources.

The Gas Power Plant is the most reliable and powerful producer of electricity, but its hunger for precious resources and tendency to pollute the planet are substantial downsides, leading to natural disasters and inhospitable air. Not to mention, natural Gas is hard to come by, and there’s only so much of it available.

All excess electricity can be stored in Batteries, which will be consumed if your electricity producers aren’t producing enough power. You will also be able to charge Batteries with the Creator Power - Lightning Strike. Be careful, though! Batteries can explode from being overloaded.

We always intended for the progression in The Universim to be somewhat similar to that of the human race, but you are certainly going to find some big differences here and there. In the future, we plan to introduce technologies that will have no connection to the real world. This is simply to offer you a more enjoyable experience. Stay tuned!


All of this will be included in our big Steam update later this year. However, you can still play the latest version of The Universim at www.crytivo.com/the-universim. Also, remember that everyone who has purchased The Universim before the Steam release will not only get a Steam Key, but your name will also be added to a special Monument that will be constructed by Nuggets in the Modern Age. We will continue adding special "Thank You" features for our early adopters as time goes on. Your support made The Universim possible!

Please let us know what your Number One feature is that you would like for us to implement next, and don’t forget to share your opinion with us about today’s update.

If you like what you see, please share the game with your friends and family. Your help is always greatly appreciated.

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