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The Universim Presskit



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Developer: Crytivo Games

Founding Date: May 2013

Developer Website: www.crytivogames.com

Game Website: www.theuniversim.com

Social: TwitterFacebookDB G steam YT

Studio Description

Crytivo Games is a small Independent game development studio consisting of talented individuals from all corners of the world. Development on our first game, The Universim, is underway and is currently set for release on PC, Mac, and Linux with the possibility of expansion onto other platforms in the future.

Our History

Crytivo Games was founded in early 2013 by Alexander Koshelkov after months of planning and conceptualisation. With the concept phase completed, Alex sounded the call for people to join him on his new adventure. Within a week, a small team of talented and passionate developers was formed. The Universim is the first game in development by our studio. It stands today as a creative and original game in a genre that has not been properly explored in recent years.





Alex Koshelkov Founder | Art Director | Game Designer

Julien Garrigue Lead Software Developer | Game Designer

Alex Antonov Lead 3D Artist

Nick Moutsios Software Developer

Jarl Ove Sletten Concept Artist

Astor Bernard Music Composer

Kyle Lautenbach Copywriter

Braunson Yager Web Developer

Contributors:  Jesper Grip, Slobodan Medarevic,  Khaled Alkayed, Vitaly Movsha, Felipe Pesántez, Dennis Sadovsky,