NEW PATCH IS OUT NOW V 0.0.8 (McPatchface)

Hello Creators, new Patch McPatchface v0.0.8 is out now and here is all the changes:


  • Fixed an issue with Nuggets being stuck when trying to store resources to Stash buildings
  • Fixed an issue with dead nuggets trying to die one more time….
  • Fixed an issue with male nugget being stuck when the female was interrupting him for mating...
  • The game should start on the main screen now
  • Video playback was fixed for all platforms. Video performance was heavy and playback was not smooth​


  • New building added - Eatery. You can assign 2 Cooks to eatery that will cook dishes for the Nuggets. When Nuggets hungry, they will go to eatery. Food from eatery is more fulfilling and Nuggets hunger stats will decrease slower after they eat from the eatery. Nuggets also can drink from the eatery. The cook will grab food for cooking themselves if there are not Couriers available for delivery.
  • Updated Nugget ID Card with Simulated Nuggets Clones. ID cards now have more statistics about the Nuggets current status and his health.
  • Display Selection added to the Settings Menu. Now if you have multiple displays you can choose on which one you want run game.
  • Misc Sound Effects
  • God Light. Now during the lights God Light/Camera Light will turn on automatically. This helps during dark nights.
  • Fresh Water tutorial


  • Eatery Panel completely redesign.
  • Settings screen video playback upgrade.
  • Settings screen buttons, animation upgrade, added selected state.
  • Main Menu added new button animations.
  • Main UI water tab is correctly working now.
  • The reservoir evaporation state added in higher temperatures.
  • Reservoir tooltips added.
  • New water tutorial implementation after placing Pump building.
  • Event triggers for tutorial added. Tutorials will show now when interacting with objects.
  • Pump panel tank, mask fixes.
  • Added ability to skip only certain parts of the tutorials and added skip confirmation alert window.
  • Display selection in setting menu.
  • Settings screen added sounds to the buttons
  • Workers ID card upgrade. Tooltips added. Nugget thumbnail is now 3d mesh.
  • Constructors Hut tooltips.
  • Nuggets Name now on top of the ID Card


  • Nugget List should no longer drop performance dramatically


  • Water reservoir now can store more water: old 600 new 1500
  • Eatery: 1 Dish requires 5 food to be made
  • Eatery: it takes 25 seconds to cook 1 dish
  • Eatery: Dish Capacity: 25 total
  • Eatery: Food Capacity: 100
  • Nugget's Critical Thirst Level changed from 5 to 20
  • Nugget's Thirst Threshold changed from 5 to 20
  • Nugget Thirst Recovery changed from 0.02 to 0.05, Faster now.
  • Increased size of lakes Light Beam/highlights during pump placement. This should help locate Fresh Water lakes better.
  • The night is darker now
  • Audio Tweaks, Nugget Talks no longer to load compare to environmentally sound.


  • A critical news message will now warn in case there are no more resources to proceed with a construction.


  • Sometime after 20-30 minute gameplay Nugget AI can stop working for 10-15 seconds and then reset back.
  • Pulling trees with the God Powers sometimes make Nugget stuck in Gathering Wood state.


  • We also worked hard on a new AI redesign that will slip behind the scene into the next patch.
  • Research screen and new mechanics mostly implemented and requires balance tweaks. We will see it in our next patch.
  • Farm redesign partially ready and aimed to be released in our next patch.
  • New larger Home Planet with more flora variations, mostly done, requires some tweaking and performance optimization, we plan to release it with our next patch.

As usual, please report any bugs and issues on our Forums here
Also, you can leave us your impression and suggestions in the comment section below.

Thank you all for your amazing help,
Crytivo Games Team.