Oh boy, what a year. It’s been a blast to share this year with you, our friends. The Universim continues to grow and shine ever more each day, thanks to you. A lot of fundamental work was done in 2016 that will allow us to implement more features at a quicker pace. Our team has been working tirelessly and did everything possible to ensure we deliver our promises on time. We really appreciate your amazing support and understanding. The Universim generates a lot of attention - our fan base continues to grow every day with absolutely nothing spent on PR or marketing. That can mean only one thing: you shared your excitement with your friends and family, and that’s what made this project successful. Since our Kickstarter, we have made some risky moves that allowed us to increase the production quality and overall scope of the game. We have also reached out to multiple suppliers in order to choose the best-quality physical rewards for our Kickstarter supporters. All of our Kickstarter backers have received access to the game, and your physical rewards are ready to be packed into delivery trucks and delivered within the first few months of 2017.

After our Kickstarter, we decided to extend the development time of The Universim, because with a little extra time we can make The Universim so much better. We want it to be a dynamic and emotional experience for everyone. There are lot of soulless projects on the market that players forget about within a few months, if that, and we don’t want to be just another forgotten title. The Universim is in open-ended development, which means we will continue developing the game even after we release all of the planned features. As long as the community stays active and supportive, we'll be here gold-plating the game. We really love what we’re doing. The Universim is such a unique and riveting project. In 2017, we will continue to update you regularly and remain 100% transparent. We will stay true to our vision.

Thank you all for the amazing journey that you shared with us in 2016. We wish you a very Happy New Year. May you, your friends, and your family stay healthy and happy! We will do everything we can to make you proud to be a pioneer of The Universim.

Happy New Year!

Yours sincerely, Crytivo Games