It’s that time of year again!

Ah, the sound of bells and cash registers echo throughout the streets as Christmas nears yet again. Very soon you’ll have to deal with your awkward cousins and distant relatives. But fret not, you can always escape to your safe haven and play some more of The Universim while the roast cooks.

Speaking of The Universim, it’s been quite the year, hasn’t it? We’ve come a long way, in terms of both development and the knowledge we uncovered therein. There have been many laughs, a few hair-pulling antics, and the occasional cry, but we’ve made it out stronger than ever. And so has The Universim. Thank you all so very much for being with us on this journey. Your encouragement and enthusiasm is the best present our small team could ever ask for, and you’ve provided buckets of it.

The game has expanded so much since our initial reveal on Kickstarter, with features changing for the better and new systems making their way into the game. It is finally beginning to shape into the game we all dreamed of. The next year promises to be even better!

However, we can’t have joy without a little sadness. We will be saying goodbye to two backing tiers on our website very soon. The Spore and Iguana editions will be removed from sale in the coming weeks. They are just not as popular as the other tiers, so we’re putting them to bed indefinitely. If you purchased one of these tiers, you have nothing to fear, you will still receive the items promised to you. In fact, if you own the Iguana edition, we have great news.

All beta backers will be receiving access to the game this month! The wait has been long, but we have decided to give you a chance to test the latest builds and provide us with more feedback. The more people we get to play, the better the final game will be. Please continue to be so active and creative on our forums. We always look forward to viewing new discussions, fan art, fan fiction, suggestions, and everything else you send our way.

Have a Fantastic Holidays!

The Crytivo Games Crew