Attempting to initiate mating with a partner who is in a bad mood can often end in disaster. This is no different for our beloved Nuggs! The Happiness system affects Nuggets in numerous ways, and we’re going to give you a heads up on what you can expect from Nuggets when they’re a little moody. 

Let’s start out by saying that each Nugget’s mood is unique. Sometimes there can be a general emotion blowing over your civilization, but every individual usually has their own mood, which can often be affected by their personality. We’re developing a system that will randomly assign personalities to Nuggets at birth. This system will make some Nuggets grumpy (you’ve met plenty of people like this, too, right?) and fill the lives of other Nuggets with sunshine and daisies. You may even see them skipping about or chasing the occasional butterfly. Nuggets with high Happiness levels will enjoy a slight productivity boost and will always be willing to perform tasks.

Happiness bars decrease at different rates for each Nugget. There are multiple stages of Happiness that change a Nugget’s behaviour. When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches 70%, their productivity decreases slightly and they move a little slower. Imagine yourself at work on Monday morning after a crazy evening the night before. That’s basically what Nuggets have to go through every time their Happiness hits 50%. Nuggets will start slacking off during their regular duties, decreasing their productivity even further. When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches rock bottom, that’s when it should really become your concern.

This is a critical state for Nuggets, causing them to become depressed and work very slowly. They may even take long breaks away from work. Nuggets can stop to have a bit of a cry next to a nearby tree or even go so far as to set something on fire to show their dissatisfaction with how things are being run. They might also do something even worse (yes, they may cause even more harm than setting a building on fire). After acting out, a Nugget’s Happiness will increase temporarily. Some Nuggets are just slightly psychopathic, it seems.

Now that you know what to expect from a Nugget’s mood, here is what you can do to improve their lives. Some buildings make Nuggets happier while others do quite the opposite. Stone Age buildings, such as the Community Bath, can increase Nugget Happiness. Their mood will improve while they enjoy a hot bath and a chat with their fellow Nuggs. The polar opposite to Community Baths, besides both warming Nuggets up to a certain degree, is the Crematorium. Crematoriums built too close to the city will affect Nuggets that travel nearby. Hey, nobody enjoys the smell of fried Nuggets, especially other Nuggets.

When a Nugget’s Happiness reaches 70%, a special task entitled “Go enjoy your life, little one” will be queued in the Nugget’s brain. When they complete their assigned task, they will go to a place of interest to increase their Happiness once more.

As a god, you can take a stand against grumpy Nuggets. An evil god can take care of the problem by launching the so-called “ungrateful bastards” into orbit, or throw them so hard against a mountain that it leaves a mark for generations to come. This is why passive-aggressive sticky notes were invented. Sticky 
notes save lives! Alternatively, you can be far kinder to them, because everyone needs a little love and attention sometimes, right? For example, you can task Nuggets to build a Cow Catapult that allows them to launch cows into space to begin a wonderful intergalactic journey. Nothing can raise one's mood better than seeing cows slowly mooooing across the stars, discovering new worlds and possibly meeting Matthew McConaughey along the way.

An idle Nugget’s Happiness decreases a bit faster than those who are busy with work. However, they also don’t need to complete a task before visiting a place of interest like the Community Baths to improve their mood. It’s a strange balance. Idle Nuggets get bored faster and thus begin to lose Happiness, but busy Nuggets don’t really get enough time to even think about their Happiness. 

Buildings that increase Happiness:

  • Community Baths
  • Movie Theaters
  • Eateries

Buildings that decrease Happiness:

  • Cemeteries
  • Crematoriums
  • Coal Mines


As most of you know, mating can be a very sensitive and complex procedure, mostly because it requires two parties to participate in the act. When a female Nugget isn’t happy enough, she won’t mate. However, it’s different with male Nuggets, as mating will actually increase their mood slightly and they will always be willing to participate.

We promised realistic simulations, and we’re getting pretty close, right? Let us know down in the comments what you think. Can we add anything that will make everyday Nugget life even more entertaining to observe?

Thank You, Crytivo Games Crew