Greetings, Creators!

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday and a truly memorable New Year's celebration! Well, unless your particular celebration left you struggling to remember the finer details. How about we start the new year off on a great note? It's a patch time! As we hurtle towards the Medieval Era, a whole host of new upgrades are being introduced in this update to ease into the new age. Naturally, a fine selection of bug fixes and balance changes are accompanying the new content to the party. Let's get down to it.


  • Wolves These aren’t quite the knee-high yapping house dogs you’re used to. They are swift, fluffy, and well-armed. Nuggets certainly won’t want to come across one of these in a dark forest. 

  • Pre-Medieval Cemetery upgrade Now with 100% more Gravediggers! Give your solemn corpse hotel receptionist a friend. They can braid each other’s hair, tell stories around the campfire, and fetch bodies hand-in-hand. There’s also more room for a large crowd.

  • Pre-Medieval Fishing Hut upgrade. More boats, more efficiency. It’s that simple.

  • Pre-Medieval Warehouse upgrade. Have you ever looked at your Warehouse and thought “oh boy, I wish this was slightly bigger”? Surprise!

  • Archive upgrade. If you thought the Archive looked cool before, you have got to see the new paint job.

  • Added the ability to destroy Huts. If you need the space for a Key Building Space is limited, but your lust for destruction is not. 

  • Wind system. Wind does far more than just rustle a few leaves. It can control the direction of fire. A new wind indicator icon has been added to the HUD so you can get an idea of where a fire is spreading before you lose half your civilization.
  • Save/Load animations. Leave and enter the game with style. 
  • Building chaining. Place multiple copies of the same type of building by holding in shift. 
  • Core mining system implementation. Create a designated mining zone to speed up and automate the collection of certain resources, like a stone quarry. Underground resources will slowly be depleted. No resource visuals are currently in place due to this system being a work-in-progress. 


Welcome aboard the Nugget Express! Resources and the occasional beverage ride free. Your civilization is beginning to become more efficient in the Medieval Era. The pitter patter of Nuggets running around usually indicates an impending disaster, but rest easy that this is simply the sound of Couriers running their daily errands! They work tirelessly, for absolutely no pay. It’s like a bunch of interns that never get promoted. Resources will get around at a top speed of however fast a Nugget rolling down a hill goes. Those that watch their footing are slightly slower, but still make deliveries at a pleasing pace. 


  • Capacious Repository perk: Unlocks the upgraded Warehouse. Gives you some more room to hoard resources.
  • Wealth of Knowledge perk:  The Archive is getting a shiny new look.
  • Sailfish perk: Another Fishing Nugget? Well, that just seems like you’re trying to cut fishing time by half. 
  • Burial Expansion perk: More diggers, more graves. You must really be having a tough time keeping Nuggets alive.
  • Nugget Express perk: Move resources around like nobody’s business. 


  • Lumber Mill, Stone Mine, and Warehouse panel close buttons have been fixed.
  • Shader rendering order issues fixed: ZZZ particles created by sleeping Nuggets are no longer consumed by water. 
  • Fixed the missing icon in the local business construction panel.
  • Fixed an issue with Engineers not repairing Residential Blocks. 
  • Fixed the general pathfinding for Nuggets
  • Fixed an issue where buildings couldn’t be placed on game startup.
  • Fixed an issue that would occasionally turn animals into crabs (pathfinding that made animals walk sideways)
  • Fixed an issue where certain resources could not be retrieved due to collision issues (like in water). 
  • Fixed an issue that stopped players from clicking on the Water Pump after loading.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from loading saves.
  • Fixed an issue where Jolt of joy was not displaying in the Creator Power menu.
  • Fixed an issue where research would grind to a halt when queuing. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Gravedigger refused to return from their break (resulting in mass corpses).
  • Fixed an issue where building health was not sorting correctly in the buildings panel.
  • Fixed an issue where damaged buildings would still appear damaged after repair.
  • Fixed an issue where passive Nugget were not showing at the top of the workers list. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Witch doctor would not collect herbs. 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from casting Creator Powers even if the correct resources were available.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Nuggets to freeze after stopping a refinery. 
  • Fixed a clipping issue with doors in certain buildings.
  • Fixed an issue with pens in schools growing. 
  • Fixed an issue that saw roads being blocked. 
  • Fixed an issue where Nuggets would walk directly through a mountain instead of around. 
  • Fixed an issue where Nuggets were stuck in a state of shock and awe. 
  • Fixed an issue with foliage spawning in lakes. 
  • Fixed an issue where a Nugget has left a bunker but is still shown as being inside. 
  • Fixed missing particle effects when Nuggets are felling trees. 
  • Fixed an issue where a boat would appear prior to a Fishing Hut being ready. 
  • Fixed an issue where buildings would not increase in health after upgrade.
  • Fixed an issue where a Pump ghost would appear in a lake after loading. 
  • Fixed an issue where a weird background would appear after placing a queued Evolution Tower
  • Fixed an issue where the Gravedigger would become stuck trying to fetch a corpse from a body of water. 
  • Fixed an issue where a check would not appear before cancelling Perks.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when researching the Faster Health Recovery Perk. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain tooltips would not close. 
  • General fixes for injury states. 
  • Fixed an issue where Creator Powers would not cleanse a Nugget of infection.
  • Fixed an issue where a sick Nugget would leave a hospital if they were on full health but not healed. 
  • Fixed an issue where Nuggets would become stuck if healed via Creator Powers while in hospital.
  • Fixed an issue where the oppression Creator Power permanently increased the Might of Nuggets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Power Naps Perk would permanently increase the Stamina of Nuggets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Molars Perk would result in a Nugget never needing food. 


  • Dam It Perk: Water output capacity increased from 2 -> 15.
  • Round Cogs Perk: Water output capacity increased from 2-> 15.
  • Windstorm deals 60% more damage to Nuggets.
  • Auto Heal effect: Health lost to Thirst/Hunger will slowly regenerate once the Nugget has been properly fed and watered. 
  • The damage caused by Disease has been increased by 200%, from -1 HP every 20 seconds -> 1 HP every 7 seconds.
  • Workers in the Stone Mine have a Reduced Hunger effect.
  • Workers in the Stone Mine have a Reduced Thirst effect.
  • The Engineer might bonus has been decreased from 5 -> 2 & from 10 -> 5 (base value / upgraded building).
  • Increased the Happiness reward for the “Lost Nugget Quest” from +20 -> +100.
  • Increased the effect of the Fire Perk by 50%.
  • Reduced the cost of the Warehouse from 20W/25S -> 20W/20S
  • Changed the cost of the Fishing Hut from 15W/15S -> 20W/10S

The Nugget status effect system has been entirely ripped out and redone. There were a number of issues in the old system that caused certain status effects (Stamina reduction, Thirst, Hunger, etc) to have no effect at all. It was not an effective solution, and it steadily began to negatively affect the gameplay experience. The system is now in a far better place, but it operates similarly to how it did before in terms of gameplay, so do not expect extensive changes.

We have continued to experiment with the way in which we visualize status effects (the red/green arrows in the Nugget Panel). The goal has always been maximum clarity. This time, we have tried to make it more clear to players what kind of effects are occurring and how they influence the Nugget’s stats. Instead of illustrating this with a percentage, we have opted to word it in a more understandable manner, such as “-1 HP every second”.


  • All building placement visualisers now have an arrow indicating the entrance.

  • Pre-Medieval Archive added.
  • Pre-Medieval Warehouse added.
  • Pre-Medieval Fishing Pier added.
  • Pre-Medieval Cemetery updated.
  • Stone Age Massage Palace placement model fixed. Optimized whole model.
  • The Stone Age Lizard Candy building has been optimized.
  • Removed Farm and Hospital decals.
  • Medieval Courier building added.
  • Nugget Couriers now have job-specific accessories.
  • Wolf model added.


  • New panel added for Courier building.
  • Added upgrade buttons to Warehouse and Archive panels.
  • Seasons panel update - added wind direction arrow.
  • Creator Powers menu updated. Added Jolt of Joy power icon.

  • Construction menu update. Added new cloud renders for Pre-Medieval Archive, Pre-Medieval Fishing Pier, Pre-Medieval Warehouse, Pre-Medieval Cemetery, and Medieval Couriers Hut.
  • New status icon for Nugget going to Couriers Hut.
  • Added missing localization for Nugget status as a Stone Miner.
  • Added localization for Couriers Hut.
  • Added new icons for new research perks: Couriers hut, Cemetery upgrade, Fishing Pier upgrade, Warehouse upgrade, and Archive upgrade.
  • New descriptions for buildings added: Pre-Medieval Archive, Couriers Hut, and so on. 
  • Unified the order of worker slots in buildings. The active ones will always be in the top row.
  • Construction menu update: icons added for Lumber Mill, Stone Mine, and Couriers Hut.
  • Removed the Nugget List Panel rows darkening/highlighting.
  • Buildings list panel are now sorted by health percentage instead of raw health.


  • Archive panel performance improved.
  • Optimized path visualization for Nuggets.
  • Village props culling.


  • New Tornado effects.
  • Preview button for news sounds added in settings.
  • Gravedigger is no longer frightened of ghosts.
  • News messages filtering added to prevent spam.
  • Flag poles will be folded when not in use.
  • Must wait for Fishing Nugget to exit building before an upgrade begins.
  • Tornado now affects buildings based on percentage health.
  • Going to main menu and back to game now respects the player’s defined speed.
  • Many Nugget status effects added with better descriptions.
  • Nugget occupation: fixes and improvements to stat effects coming from buildings.
  • Refactored the temperature system.


Please keep in mind, even though we did a tremendous job improving the overall AI Stability and Performance you still might come across some issues and bugs. Please report them to on our Forums and Discord

Thanks again for being there for us and always coming back for more! We have plenty in the works right now and we can't wait to reveal it to you. Do you have any suggestions, feedback, or questions? Drop them in the comments, on the forums, or even on social media. We want to hear from you! All the best, The Crytivo Crew


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