Hello, Creators!

It’s patch day again, and it’s coming with some exciting new updates. We’ve implemented a new Water Consumption System. Now, when you start the game, you will need to give your initial Epicenter placement a little more thought. It’s important to place it near freshwater sources, such as lakes.

You’ll see light beams shining upward from the center of a lake during Epicenter placement. Some of the new features have just been implemented, but we decided to release it early for you to test it out and give us your feedback. There are still a number of bugs and issues that we plan to iron out in the next update, but please feel free to report anything that you can find on our forums here.

After the Epicenter is finalised, we suggest that you place a Water Pump. Water Pumps supply the Epicenter with water from the surrounding water source. Every building in the game requires water to function properly. After the Water Pump has been constructed successfully, you need to build a structure where your Nuggets can easily access the resource. This is where Wells come in. Wells can be built anywhere, but the further away you build a Well from a Water Pump, the more it will cost you in terms of resources. After the Well is built, your Nuggets will be able to drink from it and go on living without fear of drying out like prunes in the sun.

At the moment, we’re not disabling any buildings when there’s not enough water generated by Water Pumps, but expect that to be implemented in the next patch.

You can also store water for emergency situations. For example, if a Water Pump is damaged, it will stop generating water. In order to keep your Epicenter functioning at 100% efficiency, we suggest that you build a few Reservoirs to store some water for when things get a little tight. Keep in mind that water in the Reservoir might freeze during cold seasons and evaporate during hot ones.

We also dramatically reworked the Nugget AI system. Most of it is behind the scenes, but we did so in preparation for the huge AI update that we’ll be revealing more of in the coming days.

Here is the full list of changes being introduced in this patch:



  • Corrected loading of resource pile asset in Stashes, (should stop breaking AI now!)
  • Hungry nuggets behavior is updated. They will continue working until they die or food is available again in the Epicenter
  • Fixed an issue with large planet objects when placed near bumps. Those will properly aligned with the terrain now
  • Fixed a crashing issue during loading
  • Nuggets are now able to eat from a farm, providing there is food harvested of course…
  • Picking up planet objects during building placement is now disabled.
  • Fixed a crashing issue during loading  in Mac build
  • Fixed an issue where a Stone Hut would be built over a farm plot
  • Fixed fish were not being displayed.
  • Fixed issue with textures on the whales.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash on restart


  • Couriers and builders changes
  • Settings menu redesigned
  • Constructors Hut will now give a strength bonus to Nuggets assigned there. The bonus will have them build constructions faster


  • Constructors Hut panel upgrade.
  • Gatherer’s Hut panel upgrade.
  • New settings screen implementation.
  • New news message added for when a storage stash is filled to capacity.
  • Water and electricity consumption added to every key building.
  • All key buildings disabled health bar dragging error.
  • Distribution center Fixed bug hiding nuggets names.
  • Distribution center added resign button to workers slots.
  • Stashes (food, wood, stone, metal, gas, oil) tooltips added.
  • Main Menu implemented.
  • New tutorial (UI overview) implemented.
  • Construction menu upgrades.
  • Well building panel implemented
  • Reservoir building panel implemented
  • Pump building panel implemented
  • Patchnotes information is now in main menu.


  • Nuggets Food Needed from 0.1 to 0.2
  • Food on the trees from 30 to 20
  • Thirst Added
  • Constructors Hut Water Consumption: 2
  • Hut Water Consumption: 0.2
  • Farm Water Consumption: 2.5
  • Distribution Center Water Consumption: 1
  • Construction Hut Water Consumption: 2
  • Stashes Water Consumption Per Each: 0.25
  • Well Water Consumption: 2
  • Added More Fruit Trees to the planet


  • Redesigned start-game loading system.


  • Removed requirement for Courier Nuggets to return to their Distribution Centre to check if there are nuggets waiting in the Queue. (This should significantly reduce the time “wasted” by Couriers currently.)
  • A news message will notify when a Storage stash is full
  • A news message will notify when a building reaches bad condition and when it collapses
  • Couriers will now pick as many resources as they can carry before going back to store them in a Storage stash, greatly improving their effectiveness.
  • Applied a new nugget animation during building and repairing


  • Added lakes to the planet, Lakes can be spotted by a ray of light coming from the planet when you choose the location to place your epicenter.
  • Added Water Reservoir, Water Pump, and Well.  


  • Added additional 1193 Nuggets Random Phrases.
  • New nugget talks for repair and construction process
  • Updated the construction repairing sound


  • Object distribution across the planet is inconsistent.
  • The tendency for lakes to spawn on one side of the planet.
  • Constructors will refuse to repair buildings if they are waiting for resources to deliver to a construction site.
  • Performance Drop (will be fixed in the next patch.)
  • Water pumps can currently be built on top of each other (will be fixed in the next patch)
  • Particles on the water pump may have some visual issues, this emitter will be completely revised or replaced by the next patch.
  • Lakes do not freeze during the winter time.

TECHNICAL NOTES (sneak peek!):

The new tree system did not make it into this patch and will be implemented in the next patch.  This consists of a revision of all the tree's visual appearance, and will include seasonal changes from spring, autumn (fall) and winter.   The new system helps improve overall game performance and allows us to include new trees, more trees and more variations.
Fruit (also in the next patch) will be growing from plants, this includes melon plants and various fruit bearing foliage. Once the fruit is picked from the plant will visually change to show that there is no more food to be harvested until it grows back.  
Biome distribution: We have made revisions to the biome distribution,  there are a few inconsistent patterns in this patch but this will be resolved shortly.  

As usual leave us your comments and report bugs on the forums here.

Thank you,
Crytivo Games.