Hello, Creators!

We have just returned from Pax South in San Antonio, and oh boy, what a trip! While three of us were out and about having a great time with fans both old and new, our team has been ironing out our latest build. Before we talk about it, though, let me give you a quick recap on how Pax went for us. Unfortunately, I fell extremely ill and lost my voice on the second day, which rendered me unable to talk to some of our fans in a proper manner. I would sincerely like to apologize for that, but I want you to know that I still stood until the very last moment. Never give up!

We are proud to announce that we had incredible success during the event. Our booth was packed for 3 days in a row! We had lines of people who wanted to try out The Universim’s early build that we had at Unite a few months ago. You’re all still going to be the first ones to try out the newest stuff. We hope you like it! We are still in awe that so many of our fans waited for over an hour to get their hands on The Universim. We really appreciate your love and support! We promise to bring more computers next time to cut the waiting time down and let more people try it out. All of our team members are now back home and ready to kick some buttons!

As you know, we took a break from our monthly updates to clean up our project to ensure a smoother transition into the future. So far, it’s been a blast! It did, however, involve tons of work and tons of complicated issues that nobody was counting on from the start. The good news is, we’re winning this battle! The game looks amazing - the new 3D models and animations started rolling in and are playing together quite well. The planet is so much brighter and far more saturated both in terms of colors and objects. We need one final push and the update should be available by the 28th of February. All of the functionality that we had in previous builds is now in place and needs to be ironed out a bit. It’s slightly messy, and as a result, we’re not ready to release it in the state it’s in right now.

Evolution Of The Planets Through Stages 

Dramatically improved lighting and Models in the world 

This is the final mile before things get shifted into high gear again. Thank you so much for bearing with us during this time! You’ve all been amazing, and we want to make it up to you. A lot of energy has been invested into this update and we’re very proud of how it’s shaping up. We hope you guys will understand and support our decision to release it later this month. We love you all and hate to keep you waiting.

We hope you are having a great start to the new year, and we wish you all the fun times ahead!

Thank you,
Alex. K and the Crytivo Games Team