In the current development stage of The Universim, we have begun placing huge emphasis on the survival aspect found in the earlier ages. In fact, various survival elements echo throughout the game, but many can be overcome through the development of new research and technology as you progress. In the Stone Age, for instance, the biggest threats to your civilization will be the dynamic weather system, wild animals, hunger, and natural disasters. All of these factors link together in some way, and will force you to plan well in advance if you want your population to survive these harsh and unforgiving conditions.

In this update, we will be discussing one of the many key buildings that will assist in the survival of your civilization. This will give you a good idea of how much depth goes into every feature, no matter how small. We’d also like to take this opportunity to talk about farming in The Universim. Time to slap on them overalls, everyone! You’ve probably seen the current farm model in previous updates, but the time has finally come to give it some spotlight. One day, we took a look at our drawing board, erased a few rather inappropriate additions, and began shaping this feature into something that would work flawlessly with the rest of the game’s systems. There were a lot of different ideas kicking around; some funny and interesting, a few strange but exciting ones, and a couple ranging from just being too darn cute and simple, to something so deeply immersive and complex that players could probably forget about the rest of the planet altogether and just have a ton of fun managing their farms. We took all of it into consideration, and were left with one simple question: Are we putting too much thought into this? So the Farming Chapter began...

In the Stone Age, hunger and extreme temperatures will be the main enemies of your civilization. You know, besides all of the other crazy threats out there that have nothing to do with farming and are thus being ignored right now. It’s extremely important to research and build farms on the planet as quickly as possible, so as to combat these factors. Farms provide a sufficient quantity of food to keep your population stocked up on the energy and nutrients they need to survive, even during winter (depending on the crops). Without farms, your people will try to live off the land as best they can, but winters will make food scarce and difficult to find when the time comes. Farms will cost you resources to build and maintain, and will also require workers to operate them at all times. If so much as one of these requirements are not met, farms will stop generating food. Every new farm comes with a single plot on which you will be able to plant any crops you desire, and can be upgraded to create additional plots.

There will be a good variety of different crops to choose from. Each will have its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, one kind can produce a lot of food when harvested, but will be very sensitive to a change in temperature. If you do not pay attention to the weather prediction system, and you plant a particular kind of crop in the wrong time of year, your harvest will die and your population will be at risk of starvation. On the flip side, a different crop can be unaffected by the weather/temperature and still manage to produce a good amount of food, but it will take much longer to grow.

Our goal is to give you as much choice as possible, but at the same time, we want to develop systems that will challenge you and make you plan your next steps carefully. Farms will have a number of unique unlocks and upgrades that will help you to protect your harvest from negative conditions. In every era, there will be many unique upgrades that will not only change the way you play the game, but will also change the actual appearance of your buildings and civilization. Our concept designers and 3D modelers are hard at work every day implementing these features into the design of our evolving buildings.

Farm UI

Farm UI

And there you have it, a little insight into how the farming system works in The Universim. Stay tuned for more updates, and keep in mind that we are saving the best features for later to ensure that you get the full experience when you run the game for the first time. We can’t wait until you can finally start exploring the vast expanses of the game world and the systems found therein.

In our next update, we are going to discuss the Weather Prediction SystemEateries, andSchools.

Crytivo Games Goes E3

On a side-note, we’re super excited to announce that we have reserved our place at the biggest gaming convention in the world, E3 in Los Angeles! We are planning to have a fully-playable build running at our booth (which is great news for everyone!), and we’ll also be giving out some cool stuff during the event.

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