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Crytivo Games is an independent game development studio founded in 2013 by Alex Koshelkov. Crytivo Games aims to deliver gaming experiences that challenge, engross, and offer endless hours of entertainment to gamers across the globe.
Crytivo Games is always looking for talented and self-motivated individuals with the capability and drive to help create the greatest games in the world. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a mod maker or a senior developer with fifteen years of experience; we are on the lookout for creative, committed and interesting people who aren’t afraid to fail. We want people who love to take chances, roll with the punches, and accept challenges. And we want people that truly believe they can make our products and our company the best in the industry.

Available Positions

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Ideal Candidate Characteristics* Be Proactive Strive for daily collaboration with the team members. Either through regular friendly conversation or business proposals. Set and share personal goals, suggest new ideas. Enjoy working on your own, but also thrive on stepping forward and interacting with the team. Stay Connected Great team players are trustworthy—and available. Be online and ready at the set times. Great remote employees also let others know when they won't be available, why and how they can still be contacted in the event of an emergency. Remote employees have more freedom, but also recognize that with that freedom comes the responsibility of hyper-availability. Hyper-availability creates and requires trust. A remote employee’s coworkers aren’t right next door, so being proactive about communication is necessary to develop and maintain connections with team members. Consistent Results Results, not presence, are everything. Great remote employees focus on accomplishing objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible. Who cares if a task "should" take a week; if it can be completed in three days that opens up time to accomplish other tasks. Great remote employees finish tasks ahead of time—and ask for more. Accountability Being accountable and taking responsibility for your actions is key in maintaining trust with the team. The employee should care about the end result and does what they say they are going to do in the time frame that was set.