Aaaand it's that time again, everyone. This is our most glorious patch yet, and thus, it’s only fitting to give it a name like Glorious Globe.

Not only are there a gazillion bug fixes and game stability improvements, we also completely reworked the planet Object Distribution System. Now planets will have more flora variation and the distribution of objects on the planet is more natural/organic-looking. This was a very challenging task for our team, and it took a lot of time and effort during its development over the past few months. We're ecstatic to finally let you enjoy it in all its glory. However, this is not the only highlight of this patch.Farms have undergone a redesign as well. Farms look better than ever, they have new mechanics, and a whole slew of new crops has been added alongside detailed animations. Each crop can now also be affected by extreme temperature changes.For the stubborn gatherer, we also included some new fruit bushes that can be found across the planet. They, too, can be affected by extreme temperatures. The fruit on all bushes will grow back over time.

Lastly, we are also adding in the Cemetery building type this patch. Cemeteries are linked to a much larger system which you can read about here. Pesky Nugget corpses will no longer ruin the aesthetics of your pristine civilization. Hooray!

There are a number of features that are close to being ready, but they need a little more time in the oven before their release. For starters, the updated research screen is well underway, but we decided to hold it back for implementation in the next patch. This is mainly due to it needing some additional balance tweaking to ensure we don’t break the game too substantially :wink:.

Next on the list is the Nugget AI update. This system has been in production for quite some time now, and it promises to remove a lot of micromanagement from your busy schedule. It's shaping up well, but this is a very important feature and we’re taking our time to ensure its success.


  • Resolved mating issue where the population would not exceed 40+ Nuggets in a game
  • Corrected bug where a Nugget’s house placement occasionally overlapped other buildings
  • Fixed issue where lakes were not spread evenly across the planet
  • The huts will no longer float above the ground
  • Mountains can no longer be selected
  • Modified Nugget damage-taking to no longer be an instant kill. They will still *die*, but much slower.
  • The camera follows a Nugget if their thumbnail is clicked on the Nugget’s ID Card
  • Fixed a bug where Nuggets got stuck at Eateries
  • Fixed Nugget sorting issues in the Epicenter Nuggets List
  • God Intervention VFX: effect area plane no longer clips through the ground
  • Multiple decals under some buildings, fixed
  • Pump animations will now stop when there is no more water in the lake
  • Water Pumps will subtract the exact amount of Water Points as the Epicenter needs. In the past, Water Pumps were depleting water in lakes at a rate of 5 even if Epicenter needed only 2.
  • Fixed issue where you would see the Critical Message “Water Pump output is lower than Epicenter Water Usage” even when there is water in the Water Reservoirs.
  • Couriers will now serve Eateries and Farms, as well
  • Fixed the flickering terrain, snow on startup
  • Tree collision physics have been improved
  • Thrown rocks should no longer fall “into” the planet (clipping)
  • Fixed issue where hitting ESC while holding an object (via God Powers) would cause the object to float


  • Complete Farm redesign: including new UI, 3D model, crops, and animations
  • Added new tutorials for: Nuggets overview, Nugget ID card, Farm, Cemetery, Constructors Hut, and 2 new screens for  the UI overview
  • Added ‘skip current tutorial’ option, so you can skip only those parts you’ve already seen
  • Introducing new flora on the planet: Broadleaf, Broadleaf Dead, Birch Tree, Birch tree Dead, Maple Tree, Pine Tree
  • Introducing Fruit Bushes: Blueberry, Melon, Panda Eyes, Raspberry, Watermelon
  • New news message when there is no Water Pump and Nuggets are Thirsty and when there are no Wells or Eateries built
  • When assigning a Nugget to a Key Building, the Nugget list panel will automatically sort by unassigned Nuggets first.  This allows the user to find available Nuggets to assign easier.
  • New building: Cemetery (phase 1). The departed will be buried with some humor here.


  • Seasons panel and planet name tooltips fixed
  • Game intro tutorial, added sounds to buttons, deleted useless tooltips
  • Food stash temperature readability fixed
  • News History Log panel upgraded. Text won’t be cut short. Changed anchoring of the panel. Replaced text with an icon for ‘all’ messages.
  • New Construction Site panel. Slightly redesigned, more compact.
  • Constructor’s Hut panel upgrade: Added visual feedback to empty worker slots. Added sounds to panels. Deleted unnecessary tooltips.
  • Nuggets list panel: hover visual feedback added. Also assigned sounds
  • Nuggets list panel: added info about Thirst
  • Stash Panel and Water Reservoir temperature visuals upgraded
  • Worker ID card upgrade: changed font, assigned proper sound clips, removed unnecessary tooltips, reintroduced the follow upon clicking on the Nugget portrait
  • New Farm panel implementation
  • Loading screen upgrades - changed the logo
  • New construction menu panel implementation
  • Well, Pump, and Reservoir panels have button sounds now. Deleted unnecessary tooltips.
  • Distribution center panel update: Added worker slots visual feedback, changed font, assigned new sound script, and added proper sound clips to buttons
  • Eatery panel update: Also added the new sound script and assigned proper sound clips to buttons. Updated worker slots visual feedback on hover.
  • Added more options to the Audio Settings menu, like the Nugget volume and message tone selection for both the regular and critical news messages


  • Food separated from trees. Now all food/fruit will grow on the Fruit Bushes.
  • Camera speed Increased when holding shift button
  • The game now starts in Spring, rather than Summer
  • Fruit on bushes will die if the temperature goes below -5c/ 23f, or above 50c/122f
  • Fruit on bushes will regrow 10 minutes after dying or being collected
  • Pump Output Power increased from 5 to 10
  • Each Fruit Bush holds 15 Food points
  • Trees now hold 5 Wood points
  • Tree Health now 20 HP
  • Increased  Water Reservoir Max Water Level to 1500
  • Decreased Hunger and Thirst Damage per second from 1 to 0.5
  • Lowered Resources at the beginning of the game to Food: 30, Wood: 30, Stone: 30
  • Increased amount of water each Lake can hold from 100,000 to 500,000
  • Decreased food needed for 1 dish in Eatery to 5 points of food
  • Decreased cooking time at Eatery from 25 to 15 seconds.
  • Day / Night Cycle is a little longer now.
  • Increased time speedup from 2x to 4x (can be triggered by the Numpad’s + button on a keyboard)
  • Any building can be built by a Laborer Nugget now. Before, we had some buildings that required Constructors/Engineers only to be constructed.
  • Nuggets Hunger depletion changed from 0.001 to 0.0015 per second
  • Nuggets Thirst depletion changed from 0.0015 to 0.002 per second
  • Each Farm plot needs 5 wood and 5 stone to be built
  • Cropripening time 80 Seconds (This is the time when Crop needs to be harvested, otherwise it will start to wither)
  • Cropwithering strength 0.25 point loss of food per second
  • Nugget aging speed increased from 2 minutes to 1 minute (Nuggets will live a little shorter now). Use Cemeteries to account for this.
  • Crop Food Yield loss per each degree out of the crop’s optimal temperature range is 0.25 from food yield per second

Updated Farm Crops

Panda Brain Plum
(Food Yield: 40. Growing Time: 6 Minutes)
Min Temp: -20c/-4f   Max Temp: 60c/140f
The most resilient crop of them all. These plums can handle extreme temperatures on either end of the thermometer, but their food yield is very low considering how long they take to grow. Eating Panda Brains is certainly an absolute last resort.

Manbro Fruit (Yield: 50. Time: 3 Minutes)
Min Temp: 5c/41f   Max Temp: 45c/113f
Listen here, bros and broettes. This fruit is perfectly comfortable in its masculinity, but that won’t stop it from flexing at every passerby. It’s pretty fast, and so’s its growth rate! It doesn’t yield much, but at least it seems to handle temperature changes reasonably well.

Juicy Acorn (Yield: 100. Time: 4 Minutes)
Min Temp: 0c/32f   Max Temp: 50c/122f
Juicy Acorns are excellent all-rounders. They are able to grow quickly and optimally in a large temperature range, while also outputting a reasonable amount of food. 

Dragon Egg Fruit (Yield: 100. Time: 4 Minutes)
Min Temp: -15c/5f   Max Temp: 5c/41f
A juicy centre with a slightly crunchy outer shell. The Dragon Egg Fruit maintains its warmth internally, making it perfect for cold conditions. However, we don’t want to risk seeing what happens when the temperature rises too high. Someone call Emilia Clarke stat!

Crystalline Crabapple (Yield: 400. Time: 12 Minutes)
Min Temp: 0c/32f   Max Temp: 50c/122f
A fruit that shatters like a fragile gem in the mouth, melting into a delicious and nutritious liquid. Someone must have decided that a shiny rock looked good enough to eat. They were right. This fruit yields the highest food output, but also takes the longest to grow.

Bloodydiarrhea Berries(Yield: 40. Time: 4 Minutes)
Min Temp: -10c/14f   Max Temp: 50c/122f
A name that only an unfortunate Nugget could conceive. Fortunately, its toxins can be neutralized through a relatively simple process, but the name remains to honor its founder. It outputs very little food, but it’s such a pest that it grows in almost any climate at an alarming rate. 


  • Further load time improvements
  • More work to smooth the framerate (stutter reduction)
  • Nugget selection panel no longer causes massive FPS drops
  • Several additional meshes preloaded to reduce spawn-time stutter


  • Rebuilt ‘Object Distribution’ system for generating planets
  • Added ability to skip some or all of the tutorials
  • Added ‘local temperature’ readout to object selection tooltips
  • Mountain texture adjustments. Looks sharper up close.
  • Reworked the camera controls: both zoom and move to/follow functions were rewritten to be much smoother and more consistent, as well as some follow-through on the mouse drag so that it keeps spinning after quick drags
  • God Trail on mouse cursor (Can be turned On or Off from the Settings Menu)
  • Added temperature readout options (eg: switch between Celsius & Fahrenheit)
  • Nugget age timespans now more precise and controllable
  • The light axis now tilts up and down to closely mimic the way Earth’s axis leads to seasonal changes in the amount of daylight different areas get
  • Added a zoom, sensitivity slider to the game options menu.


  • Birch Tree
  • Dead Birch Tree
  • Broadleaf Tree
  • Dead Broadleaf Tree
  • Maple Tree
  • Blueberry Bush
  • Melon Bush
  • Water Melon Bush
  • Panda Eyes Bush
  • Raspberry Bush
  • Cemetery Building
  • Farm Building


    • News Panel buttons have sound now
    • Decreased distance that thunder sound can be heard from
    • Decreased distance that Nugget footsteps can be heard. Also toned down volume overall.
    • Made wind sound a little louder during fast camera movement
    • Customizable news message tones


    • All animals have been disabled temporarily. Animal system will go through a major redesign that will allow us to have more animals on the planet with overall better performance.
    • In rare instances when a Nugget is attempting to harvest a rock or tree it should not be able to reach, there will be framerate stutter while the Nugget attempts a more thorough search
    • Some buildings are missing ground decals. This system is going through a major redesign.
    • Lakes can sometimes spawn halfway into other bodies of water (new mini-game called lake invaders)
    • On occasion, Nuggets can take too many resources to a building that is under construction

    MINI_BLOG by Grey

    Hello Creators, Geoffrey (aka ‘Grey’) here doing my first mini_blog. I’m a programmer who’s been with Crytivo since early January and today I’m going to explain one of our biggest features this patch, which isn’t so easy to notice as our new farms:


    What is it? Simply put, it’s the procedural generation system we use to put mountains, lakes, trees, rocks and everything in between on the surface of our planets.
    As some of you may have noticed, we’ve had a few issues with our previous version. Things like the following:

    All lakes were on one side of the planet, Objects had a bad habit of overlappingOr the horribly artificial straight lines everywhere! Not to mention… only one type of tree in a biome?

    Thanks to nearly two months of hard work,
    a LOT of math, 
    and finally a month of constant testing,
    we’ve got a brand new system for you!

    Mixed tree species? What are we crazy?!No more lakes overlapping either! Now lakes are EVERYWHERE! Straight lines are for roads, not rocks!

    Now, this is only a small peek at some of the more obvious advantages of the system, a huge amount of work was put into making the entire thing more controllable on the development side as well… ... which you totally didn’t hear from me…

    Finally, with this patch we’ve increased the radius of our planet by about fifteen percent, so not only do you get more play space, but you get a LOT more objects in there too. As I’m a bit of a performance-focused fellow, I’ve tried very hard to make sure the total load time is as good, if not better than the previous system and if you’re lucky enough to have a multi-core CPU, we’ll use extra threads to make it load even faster!

    So with that, I’ll get back to work. Have fun Creators!

    MINI_BLOG by Brad


    We have to render a lot of trees on the planet while making them look good and perform well given the amount required to populate the planet.

    Currently the trees are using a shader I put together that samples the vertex colors of the tree mesh to tell the shader what it should be doing and how it should be displaying the mesh.  A lot of people see vertex colors as another way of painting your mesh in a different artistic way but in reality vertex colors are more than just colors but a place to store data. Each vertex  in a mesh contains information on color, normal direction and UV coords. You can use this information in various ways to communicate with the shader to get the results you = tells each tree type what color picker to sample from.

    Vertex color channels and what they do on each tree.

    • red = tells each tree type what color picker to sample from.
    • green = tells what channel on the texture sheet it should be sampling from
    • blue = masks out the trunk from the rest of the tree.  
    • alpha = tells what is affected by wind and how powerful it is "recently added in what verts should be affected by interactivity.

    The trees all share a single texture atlas and the colors are made up with in the shader. The textures are actually gray scale and this allows us to simply sample from a single channel on the texture sheet. Let's say for example we painted our textures onto a standard diffuse in full color and looking totally awesome. This will take up 3 of our 4 channels and will not give us much in the lines of a flexible method to simply change the color of our trees in the event of season change, being on another planet, or simply having the tree look completely different. Using a grayscale depiction of the trees texture allows us to simply lerp color variations between dark and bright areas the gray scale texture and also allows us to store double the amount of data per texture. Since each atlas stores 4 tree variations per channel and 2 are being used to display those variations with the other 2 being alpha information this allows up to 8 tree variations to be stored per sheet.

    Compared to the first version of the trees, the overhead has been reduced. One reason for this is the shader is allowing more variations of trees to share a single material giving us larger combine batches and reducing the amount of draw calls. This in theory should allow more population of trees and foliage on the planet. On top of that a few things have been added in to make way for interactivity such as when your mouse flies by the trees the wind will affect it and also some more effects for when the trees move from one season to the other.

    Thank you All!

    Thank you all for being a part of this journey, and we hope you enjoy all of the additions in the new patch. In the meantime, we’ll continue working hard on making The Universim even bigger and brighter! Don't forget to leave our devs some of your comments. They always brighten up their days and stimulate them to work even harder.

    Crytivo Games Crew