It’s Demo Release Day! YAY! The last “demo” we released on steam was a very long time ago. In reality, it was a tech demo, which means there wasn’t much to do beyond flying around the world listening to the planet tell you a story. Add in a few neon lights and that would’ve been quite the trip!Today we’re happy to announce that we’re updating the Steam Demo with an entirely new one, which actually lets you experience what the game’s really about. It’s important to keep in mind that the demo is always going to be a few versions behind the latest release, so certain bits of functionality or bugs fixes will be missing. We’ve been receiving a lot of questions pertaining to whether or not someone’s PC can run The Universim. Now you can test it for yourself and get some peace of mind before you join our awesome family.

Our vision is clear: we would not encourage anyone looking for the best possible experience to purchase The Universim at this stage, due to it still being a work in progress. We understand that Early Access is not everyone's cup of tea, and we respect and appreciate that. We are incredibly fortunate to have our amazing community that continues to test and improve the game alongside us every day.

As you can tell, we’re also very passive with our marketing approach. We’re not investing anything into major game promotion campaigns just yet. At this stage, we’d rather put our efforts entirely into the development of the game instead of constantly trying to bring in more purchases for a quick fix. We hope the frequent patches with a great spread of new features and bug fixes proves that for you. We’re also holding back on contacting press at this time. If you're wondering why nobody talks about The Universim on gaming sites, now you know!

The new demo is available for download via
Steam RIGHT NOW.  It will be available through other digital distribution platforms later on. Let us know where you would like us to upload it.

Remember, we won’t be directly supporting the demo version with patches. Certain issues were resolved in newer updates, which is why we are avoiding the whole demo patching process, but none of them should be game breaking.

Please go ahead and share the news with your friends and family. As always, we encourage you to leave us your feedback on our
Forums or join the live discussion on our Discord channel.

Also, don’t forget to follow The Universim and Crytivo on Twitter and Facebook. We publish updates pretty often there and would love to hear your opinion before we officially announce or present them on our website.

Oh, and before we forget. If, by any chance, you find yourself in Germany (Cologne) next month, be sure to stop by our stall at Gamescom for some great swag and a meet and greet with the team!

Thank you all for amazing love and support!
Crytivo loves you, too!